About the Client and the Problem we tackled

Affidea is built on three pillars: responsiveness, loyalty, and innovation. With more than 30 years of experience, the company started in Hungary and has grown to become the largest provider of diagnostic imaging services in Hungary and a leading player in the Hungarian private and corporate healthcare market. Affidea is a market leader not only in Hungary but also in Europe. The Group performs 14 million yearly examinations in 15 countries in more than 329 health centers, serving 12 million patients. The company has around 11,000 professionals who provide their clients with the latest and most modern healthcare procedures.

A well-functioning patient record system is essential in the healthcare sector to ensure patient care runs smoothly and efficiently. The problem Affidea faced was the limitations of its legacy, non-multi-user patient record system. This presented not only technological challenges but also regulatory compliance issues.

The previous development company was only two people strong, which placed severe constraints on the speed of development of new features and the timeframe for fixing previously discovered bugs. Such a small development team cannot provide the rapid response and ongoing support essential in the healthcare sector. A suitable IT solution was needed to address these challenges and ensure smooth operations in the future.

This was critical for Affidea as the outdated patient record system limited growth potential and quality of care.
Medici's web-based access allows easy and quick implementation, reducing time and costs.

Gloster-Lanoga's response to the challenges faced was to launch a complex application called Medici. This patient record management system is specifically designed for large, multi-faceted, and multi-actor enterprise structures to meet the needs and challenges of complexity fully. Medici enables multi-user and multi-site operations, ensuring flexibility and adaptability for organizations of any size.

Medici's web-based access allows easy and quick implementation, reducing time and costs. The application has a generic and consistent interface that provides intuitive user usability, increasing productivity and user satisfaction. Unified processes and unified training support allow users to get up and running quickly and efficiently.

Medici's technological advantages include its ability to work with various integration platforms. It supports standards such as HL7, DICOM, and REST, allowing easy and fast integration with other systems. This increases system flexibility and ensures customers can access the latest and most up-to-date solutions.

The Medici application provided Affidea with a comprehensive, integrated, and customizable solution that could cover all internal processes and needs.

The Medici system is a simple health IT solution and much more. While most systems on the market are limited to outpatient care, Medici can also manage occupational healthcare. This is a significant advantage because it can work in two different care areas in the same institution using the same system. This simplifies operations, reduces integration costs, and speeds up patient care.

In addition, the Medici system can manage healthcare processes and integrates with several ERP systems of large enterprises. This challenge is avoided or not undertaken by other providers because it is complex and time-consuming. However, if successfully implemented, it offers significant value creation for clients. Integration enables linking healthcare and business data, maximizing operational efficiency, improving decision-making capabilities, and enhancing patient care quality.

In doing so, Medici offers an innovative solution and provides healthcare institutions with a competitive advantage. The ability to manage outpatient and occupational healthcare within one system and the integration capabilities are unique in the market. Working with Medici enables healthcare institutions to be at the forefront of innovation and better respond to industry challenges and changes.

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