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About the Client and the Problem we tackled

Audi AG is a prestigious German car manufacturer with a history closely linked to Volkswagen AG since 1964. The company positions itself in the upper-mid to high-end automotive industry, producing vehicles with innovative technology and high-quality components. In addition, Audi is a major player in the automotive industry not only in the German market but also internationally. Audi's presence in Hungary is significant, as the company has one of its most important vehicle and engine factories in Győr in the form of Audi Hungaria Zrt.

Audi AG is a globally renowned and respected car manufacturer that has always been at the forefront of innovation and technological advancement. However, in IT, where the company's internal systems and applications operate, they need help.

Different departments in the company used various reporting software, often running in parallel and with similar functional settings. This was a problem, as redundancies reduce operational efficiency, complicate data analysis, and increase costs. In addition, these applications were built on outdated technology foundations, limiting their current performance and future scalability and applicability.

To make matters worse, when we did further research within the VW Group, we found similar problems with other reporting software.

The idea of rewriting or modernizing outdated systems raised serious concerns, given the enormous costs in terms of time and money. In addition, obsolete solutions could compromise data security and data integrity, critical factors for a company as significant and vital as Audi AG.
Modern architecture which outperforms the old systems

Knowing the challenges, we had to develop software based on a modern architecture that would not only replace but also outperform the old systems in terms of functionality and efficiency.

The goal was to enable Audi AG to gradually switch off the old software with the new application to avoid disruptions and ensure a smooth transition of the operational processes

A critical factor in the design of the solution was the ability to integrate existing data so that it could be accessed and managed in the new system. In addition, the new software had to be flexible and scalable to adapt to Audi AG's changing business needs and environment.

During the project, we worked closely with Audi's IT department to understand the exact needs and criteria. We designed the implementation strategy based on a phased approach, where obsolete systems were decommissioned step-by-step rather than all at once, minimizing operational risks and ensuring data security.

The solution developed by Gloster-Minero has brought significant innovations to Audi AG that differentiate it from the traditional reporting tools available on the market.

First, the configuration-based architecture ensures the flexibility and customizability of the system. Through the administrative interface, databases and data rooms can be easily configured and modified, allowing the company to quickly adapt to its changing data needs without having to embark on long development cycles.

Another outstanding feature of the system is the ability to change configuration instantly. Changes can be made in real-time without restarting the server, dramatically reducing downtime and increasing business process efficiency.

Last but not least, the intuitive design of the user interface ensures that company staff can manage data quickly and efficiently. Never before has it been so easy and fast to filter and analyze data from available sources.This saves time and improves the quality and accuracy of decision-making.

The choice of Gloster-Minero for Audi AG was no coincidence. Several factors contributed to the decision to start working with us:

The POC was not just a technology demonstration but an opportunity for Audi AG to see how committed we are to success. A successful POC convinced them of our ability to respond to challenges and iterate quickly.

In our collaboration, we delivered your desired solutions and actively participated in the problem-solving process. Joint brainstorming sessions and workshops resulted in solutions that benefited both parties.

The software versions delivered by Gloster-Minero not only met the expectations in terms of functionality but also stood out from the market standards regarding quality and reliability. The solutions we offered during the project were technologically advanced and cost-effective. This ensured that Audi AG got the maximum return on its investment.

Audi AG has chosen Gloster-Minero Ltd. as its partner for all these reasons, and this cooperation will continue.

What will the future of the project be?

The project is in a dynamic development phase, building on our successful cooperation with Audi AG. We are currently focusing on rewriting the client side to a modern web interface so that users can access the device anywhere and anytime through a simple web browser without installing special software. The interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. In addition, future development plans include adding new features and modules to the software. Our goal is to further tailor the software to the needs of Audi AG and the VW Group. Through continuous feedback and close cooperation, we are confident that the tool will succeed in the long term and meet our customers' needs to the maximum.

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