About the Client and the Problem we tackled

Barion is an innovative company specializing in data-driven payment solutions for online stores. The company offers solutions for online shops and provides businesses with various other payment options. The client aims to promote a cashless society through the latest pay tech technologies.

The client wanted a new, redesigned website that did not require their valuable engineering resources. The business site's workforce's ability to easily manage and modify the website makes the process much faster. This allows developers to concentrate on professional tasks rather than wasting their considerable skills on fixing minor errors by coding small mistakes, such as spelling mistakes.

Together with Barion, we searched for the perfect toolkit to meet the above requirements and chose a so-called low-code platform.
The low-code solution adopted by ff. next significantly reduced development time and costs and brought several other benefits.

ff. next Ltd helped the client develop a Next.JS-based website integrated with the latest Builder.io low-code and headless CMS system. Although using the tool requires accurate coding and development skills, it takes much less time to create a website using it, not to mention the ease of maintenance. The value of using Builder.io among headless CMS systems is that you can even upload your custom components to the platform.

Builder.io is more than just your average headless CMS system. The platform allows users to upload custom components to ensure full customization of websites. This functionality is precious for companies who want to create unique and memorable website elements without compromising design and functionality. The combination of Next.JS and Builder.io provides a powerful toolkit for building fast, efficient, and flexible websites.

The low-code solution adopted by ff. next significantly reduced development time and costs and brought several other benefits. One of the most significant advantages of low-code platforms is that they allow companies to respond faster to business needs, as development cycles are shorter and more flexible.

In addition, low-code solutions simplify in-house content management. Non-technical staff can update and modify content without in-depth technical knowledge. This allows engineering resources to be allocated to other, higher-priority projects.

The low-code solution is also advantageous from an operational point of view, as it simplifies system maintenance and updates. With the automated tools and integrations offered by the platform, companies can maintain and expand their websites with minimal effort.

This approach is cost-effective and sustainable in the long term, as companies do not need to constantly recruit or train new engineering resources to maintain and develop their websites.

The client chose ff. Next, it offered a modern, fast, and cost-effective development solution. In the digital age, companies need partners who can keep pace with technological developments and provide efficient solutions.Modern technologies allow companies to gain a competitive advantage in the market. The combination of Next.JS and Builder.io offered by ff. Next, it uses the latest trends and technologies to ensure that websites are fast, secure, and scalable.

Rapid development reduces not only time but also costs. By using low-code platforms, development cycles are shorter, which means projects are brought to market faster, and companies see a return on their investment sooner.

But cost efficiency is not just about reducing development time. The solutions offered by ff. next allow companies to reduce operational costs, as system maintenance and updates are more accessible and require fewer resources.

The client chose ff. next because the company could offer a unique and efficient solution that met the client's business needs and expectations.

What will the future of the project be?

The project was a success, which reflects not only ff. next's expertise and commitment, but also the client's satisfaction. The success continues beyond there: the client is working with them on another development requirement, which shows they trust and value their work.

Furthermore, customer satisfaction is so high that they have recommended ff. next to their partners. This is another opportunity for Gloster to demonstrate its expertise and work quality and show that the client values working with them. Long-term partnerships and referrals are the best proof that a company can do excellent work and add value for its clients.

Gloster remains committed to innovation and high-quality services in the future, and we look forward to new projects and opportunities.

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