About the Client and the Problem we tackled

BMW, which once grew out of Otto Flugmaschinenfabrik, founded by Gustav Otto, is now one of the world's best-known car manufacturing giants. With Bavarian roots, the company, which became Bayerische Motoren Werke AG in 1913, has built on its reputation for internal combustion engines to develop electric vehicles. With its outstanding performance and innovative solutions in the automotive sector, BMW also stands out from the "big German three" as a significant player in the automotive industry.

The company constantly strives to be at the forefront of technological innovation, whether advancing internal combustion engines or opening up a new era of electromobility. BMW's strengthening in the electric segment is more than just a strategic move; it is a clear signal of the company's commitment to alternative drive solutions and sustainability.

BMW is adapting, actively shaping, and driving automotive trends while continuously increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty with premium products and services. As a committed believer in innovation, precision, and quality, BMW is the perfect partner for Gloster-Minero IT Ltd. to develop IT solutions that jointly open up new dimensions for the automotive industry.

BMW's challenge was to modernize a highly complex IT system that was thirty years old. Based on IBM mainframes, MQ messaging systems, and IBM DB2 databases, this system still needs to meet the company's rapidly changing business and technology needs. Although stable and reliable, the existing infrastructure limited BMW's agility, scalability, and innovation, essential factors in today's competitive automotive environment.

The main problems were the slow implementation of new features, limited system access, and data management difficulties. In addition, the outdated system did not support the new generation of cloud-based services and needed to cope with the growing volume of data and complex business processes. In addition, the requirements of manufacturing and logistics processes have changed rapidly over the years, to which this robust but highly static monolithic ecosystem could no longer adapt.

Something much more flexible and adaptive was needed that could easily accommodate sudden changes in a short period. Another critical aspect was eliminating the "single point of failure" paradigm.
We benefited from the significant advantages of moving to a microservice architecture during the project's implementation.

The solution developed by Gloster-Minero IT Ltd. required extraordinary innovation and courage during the transition, as the key to the project's success was managing uncertainty and the human factor. We were aware of the many unknown variables and potential risks involved in BMW's complex IT transition, so we paid particular attention to risk mitigation strategies and the development of parallel phases at every project stage.

In the change management process, addressing the human factor was paramount. Gloster-Minero IT Ltd. sought to ensure that the staff involved in the project saw the night shift work as something other than just another challenge but a real team-building and professional development opportunity.

To keep staff motivated and increase their commitment to the project, we provided continuous communication and were open to feedback and ideas from staff.

The absolute uniqueness of the solution implemented by Gloster-Minero IT Ltd. in the information technology sphere is that it implemented a complex and heterogeneous system transformation - which required high-availability requirements and real-time data processing - at such a high level that it met the highest quality standards of software development project management.

During the project, we applied the continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) methodology following DevOps principles, which allowed us to control the code quality and automate the deployment processes continuously. The adaptation of agile managment frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban allowed different software development teams (several of which were under the Sulzer/Minero umbrella) to work in sync in sprints tailored to business needs.

We benefited from the significant advantages of moving to a microservice architecture during the project's implementation. This meant moving away from monolithic legacy systems and creating a distributed system where each service became a smaller, independently deployable, and scalable component, implicitly increasing redundancy / high availability. By implementing cloud-native solutions and containerization (Docker, Kubernetes), the system has become much more resilient and resilient to different workloads.

However, the success of this technological transition was only made possible by the extraordinary professional dedication and ownership culture demonstrated by Gloster-Minero IT Ltd. The integration of specific business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools in the project management processes, as well as the application of the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) framework, have also played a significant role in optimizing the service management processes.

The direct interest BMW has shown in Minero is a key testament to our exceptional performance, which praises our technological transformation and excellent change management and stakeholder management practices.

BMW decided to work with Gloster-Minero IT Ltd. for their complex system migration based on several factors. Our unique expertise and proven excellence in previous projects have demonstrated our company's ability to modernize and operate large-scale, mission-critical IT infrastructures.

Although we were limited in our options, Gloster-Minero IT Ltd's proactive approach and our available capacity allowed us to make a unique offer to BMW. Our industry experience gained through previous successful projects and our expertise in software development provided us with in-depth knowledge essential to developing a solution tailored to BMW's specific needs.

The other side of the decision is the long-term value and reliability that our company offers. Our solution was not just a temporary fix but a solid foundation on which BMW can build its global manufacturing processes. As I write, all BMW factories worldwide schedule production with thesoftware we developed and operate. This fact implies our solutions' reliability, scalability, and adaptability to complex business needs.

This differentiating performance and our company's unique value proposition ensure that Gloster-Minero IT Ltd. is the right choice for BMW's decision-makers. Our flexibility throughout the project, ability to react quickly in critical situations, and efficient mobilization of our corporate resources contributed to our success.

What will the future of the project be?

As for the project's future, the close cooperation between Gloster-Minero IT Ltd. and BMW will ensure that our system will meet current and future business and technological requirements. Feedback from BMW contacts suggests that our system is a critical element of their manufacturing processes. As long as cars are rolling off the assembly line, we need to be present to support the smooth running of production.

The flexibility and scalability provided by the system allow it to evolve and adapt to new challenges and technological trends. Agile development methodologies and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) practices will enable the system to be updated and fine-tuned continuously and seamlessly.

Plans include further integrating the system into BMW's digital ecosystem and using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies to optimize manufacturing processes.

Gloster-Minero IT Ltd. is committed to providing innovative solutions as the system evolves, contributing to BMW's continued industrial advantage and market leadership. Through adaptability and foresight, our project ensures that the system will keep pace with manufacturing trends and market dynamics, ensuring continuity and efficiency of production at BMW.

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