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BPiON is a technology-driven business process outsourcing (BPO) company operating in Central and Eastern Europe, offering digital solutions leveraging the capabilities of the Microsoft Azure services platform for accounting, human resources, and payroll. Since its founding in 2017, the company has grown dynamically and now has offices in Hungary, Poland, and Romania. The company aims to bring an innovative approach to business administration processes such as accounting, human resources management, and payroll.

"We had to scale up our IT infrastructure quickly, as we had grown by more than 200 people in just four years in terms of manpower," said Tamás Kovács, Managing Director of BPiON Hungary.

"At the same time, we had to ensure that we met the data security requirements of our larger customers and data management regulations such as the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Providing the right IT infrastructure solution was essential to ensure our customers' data was safe and secure."

The company had yet to make plans to establish and maintain an internal IT department. However, their IT support partner needed more time to be ready, either technologically or in terms of resources, for the rapid growth that BPiON has experienced and continues to experience today.

As BPiON continued to expand and engage with larger and larger customers, it faced new challenges - especially in scalability.
The software migration process with Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

BPiON decided to implement several Microsoft services to scale its IT infrastructure. An AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop) service has been implemented to access and centrally manage core system applications. This service allows central management of the different systems and the installation of patches for updates to the software.

Outside accountants and payroll administrators can access the applications they need to do their work remotely, knowing they can rely on a secure and reliable connection provided by the Azure cloud services platform.

Since BPiON has used Microsoft's AVD solution, connectivity issues have dropped to 0.1%. Scaling has also been simplified - with the push of a button, you can increase or decrease the amount of AVD hosts based on the number of users.

"Using AVD has enabled BPiON to operate more efficiently, as all applications can be deployed and tested via Azure Virtual Desktop, and system maintenance times have been significantly reduced. In addition, the availability of the servers has increased to 99.9%," mentioned Rafal Nadolny, BPiON's General Manager in Poland. "This has allowed us to make faster progress. For example, expanding our operational infrastructure in two new countries - Poland and Romania - took less than a day."

BPiON has selected Microsoft Intune as its Enterprise Mobility Management solution to manage IT assets. With Microsoft Intune, users can conduct business across multiple devices, while the company can easily manage and update the software installed on each device.

For greater security, BPiON has introduced Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection. Their systems are protected with rules triggered by multiple scenarios, while the solution continuously monitors for unusual and suspicious activity. BPiON has unified its IT infrastructure with Gloster Cloud, which supports integrating and using numerous accounting and payroll systems. Gloster Cloud supports the entire IT infrastructure (including desktops) at L1, L2, and L3 levels.

Innovation and technological progress are essential in today's business environment, especially IT. BPiON recognizes this and has taken its IT strategy in a new direction to better serve its customers' needs.

Introducing Microsoft's new technology, AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop), was a big step for the company. With this technology, they competed with the latest IT trends and provided their customers with an efficient, scalable, and secure solution. With the introduction of AVD, they replaced the "old" solution based on RDS technology, representing a significant leap forward in remote desktop services.

This change has not only brought changes to the company's internal operations but also brought clear benefits to customers. AVD has enabled them to access applications and data from anywhere, from any device, while Azure's security protocols guarantee data protection.

In summary, BPiON has taken a proactive step by choosing AVD to ensure their customers and team use the best technology.

The choice is always based on many factors. The demand for technological innovation and new solutions is increasing in the corporate environment. In this context, BPiON has stood out from the rest of the market.

We were chosen primarily because of our deep knowledge of the latest Microsoft technologies. We understood the benefits of cloud solutions and could demonstrate them and highlight the advantages over legacy solutions. In addition, we were able to show the benefits of adopting cloud technologies over traditional solutions, both from a business and IT perspective.

Although Gloster Cloud's offer was higher, BPiON did not consider price the primary decision criterion. Professional competence, reliability, and commitment to innovation were all critical factors in their decision. In the professional demonstrations, the Gloster team's competence was superior to the competition's. BPiON believed at the time of making its decision that this breadth of expertise would guarantee its customers the proper IT infrastructure to build and support the trust they needed to build long-term business relationships.

In summary, BPiON chose Gloster Cloud as its IT operations partner because we could offer the latest and most advanced solutions in line with market trends and gave the customer confidence with our impressive professional background.

What will the future of the project be?

The project is not only about technological advances for BPiON but also about transforming their working culture. Rafal Nadolny says, "People trust us to make decisions about IT systems when they realize that the system is working for them, not against them."

With these positive results, BPiON is looking to refine its new infrastructure further and improve security. "We are already looking at data classification and additional data encryption for some of our current projects; we are considering using more background settings and connectivity to fine-tune logging and reporting," said Rafal Nadolny.

Looking ahead, BPiON plans to continue its partnership with Microsoft. "Our data security customers are familiar with Microsoft Cloud solutions - they know it means security confidence for them. With this assurance and scalability, we can better focus and do our core business while putting data protection in the hands of a trusted system provider."

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