About the Client and the Problem we tackled

The client is a Singapore-based company, a trusted restructuring and service partner for Asian financial institutions and commercial companies. Their core business is the acquisition and recovery of non-performing consumer and SME loan portfolios. They also provide services to financial institutions to help them settle overdue debts.

The company's website resembled a banking website and was not direct or fintech. Therefore, a new, updated image and website were needed, which better expressed the modern and innovative nature of the company and spoke directly to the target audience.

The design and content refresh allowed us to create a clear, direct, modern website reflecting Collectius's new direction and values.
By creating digital-first branding, they have created a brand identity that engages customers on desktop and mobile platforms.

ff. next Ltd. provides strategic design consultancy services. In addition to creating a suitable UX copy and redesigning the company's key messages, they refreshed the brand identity and redesigned the existing wireframes. Through all these steps, they aimed to capture the target audience's attention and deliver a user experience aligned with the company's new customer-centric approach.

ff.next created unique illustrations for the Collectius brand, giving the solution a unique atmosphere when used. The design they created was not only visually appealing but also made a deeper emotional connection between users and the brand.

By creating digital-first branding, they have created a brand identity that engages customers on desktop and mobile platforms. Combining a new design and personalized illustrations gave Collectius a fresh, modern, and unique look and feel that stands out from the competition and creates a deeper connection with customers.

The client chose ff. next based on several key factors. Firstly, their previous design references demonstrated their ability to provide high-quality and innovative design solutions that meet the latest industry trends.Secondly, their fintech industry expertise ensured they deeply understood the client's business needs and challenges. Their experience in fintech has enabled them to deliver effective and targeted solutions that align with industry-specific requirements.

Third, their customer-centric sales process ensured customer needs and expectations were always at the center. The personal contact established during communication, especially during our meeting at the international conference, confirmed to the client that ff.next was the best choice for their project.These factors have enabled them to gain the client's trust and build a successful partnership.

What will the future of the project be?

The project was a success, which reflects not only ff.next's expertise and commitment but also the client's satisfaction. The triumph does not stop there: the client continues to contact them with small design needs, which shows that they trust and value their work.

This ongoing collaboration allows Gloster to continue to support the client in design and branding and contribute to the company's continued growth and success.

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