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Intelligent Payments is one company that recognizes that corporate merchants need to be highly adaptable to cope with the ever-changing competitive environment, rapidly changing consumer behavior, and the need to differentiate themselves from competitors. The company's platform enables merchants to achieve unique market differentiation throughout the transaction lifecycle by creating exceptional customer rules that affect the payment solutions available to each customer and the risk and fraud mitigation level.

The Intelligent Payments Platform is designed to provide a secure environment for managing and processing card data without compromising the customer experience. The platform offers a unique tokenization solution that guarantees that the last four digits of the generated token match the original card, ensuring that customers have a "seamless" experience for future card data use.

Intelligent Payments' long history and experience in the payments industry ensures that we offer all our clients first-class support and functionality to ensure a smooth implementation of the new regulations.

We provide in-depth analytics, robust reporting, and advanced business intelligence tools to enable merchants to identify, improve, and implement rules focused on fraud prevention strategies. An optimal 3D Secure setup can increase sales conversions at checkout by up to 5% without compromising fraud rates.

In IT, systems built on outdated technology foundations present a particularly complex challenge. In the case of Intelligent Payments, one such problem was encountered when they realized their financial system was built on old, outdated technology.

The challenge was multifaceted: not only did the replacement of obsolete technologies have to be addressed, but the smooth operation of the current operations had to be maintained. At the same time, a new technological infrastructure was being introduced. In addition, as the market and customer needs constantly change, the new system must meet current and future challenges. This meant they also had to incorporate new features allowing customers to carry out their transactions efficiently and securely, giving them a competitive edge.

In addition, the cost of introducing new technologies and the potential business risks (e.g., data loss or system downtime) were also significant concerns. It was vital for the company to find a software development partner who was familiar with new technologies and deeply understood the mechanics of financial transactions.

As the day-to-day operation of financial transactions and the preservation of the company's reputation are vital, the need to overhaul and modernize the system was crucial but also posed a considerable risk.
The system was designed to be as flexible as possible and to adapt to the company's growth and changing needs.

In a complex, sophisticated IT environment such as the financial sector, the real solution is not just to overcome technological challenges but to take a holistic approach to the whole system. The solution provided to Intelligent Payments focused on technical upgrades and developing a system approach that integrates all company functions and allows it to react quickly to changing market conditions.

The solution was primarily designed to ensure a high level of visibility of the entire system. This enabled the company to immediately identify and address problems at any point in the system, minimizing disruption to business operations. A thoughtful systems approach helped not only to identify and correct errors quickly but also to plan and execute development processes efficiently.

The complex systems approach also included embedding the development process, which meant that any new functionality or modifications were examined in the full context of the system, ensuring that they were seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure. In addition, the system was designed to be as flexible as possible and to adapt to the company's growth and changing needs.

In addition to the technical design, particular attention has been paid to the user experience. Thus, although there were complex processes behind the scenes, the system proved simple and easy for users to use.

Overall, the solution we developed for Intelligent Payments was a technology upgrade and a comprehensive, future-proofed systems approach that will lay the foundation for the company's long-term success and competitiveness.

One of the most critical challenges in developing enterprise IT systems is ensuring a smooth transition between the existing and new systems. The solution offered to Intelligent Payments also excelled in this area, providing an environment where the old and the new systems could run in parallel and simultaneously.

This parallel operating method ensured a continuous flow of data between the systems. It allowed us to respond immediately to any problems that arose during the development and testing of the new system without any loss of service to customers. The company has significantly reduced operational risk and increased customer satisfaction with this tool.

The "silent" renewal meant that while customers were using the system as usual, new features were being implemented in the background. As a result, the system evolved naturally for customers, offering them contemporary, more modern, and secure features.

In addition, safety has been a critical focus of our development. We used state-of-the-art encryption techniques to transfer data between the two systems, ensuring maximum customer and transaction data protection. By designing modern security protocols and system architecture, we have created a system that meets industry standards and lets customers place their data confidently.

This dual system approach provided the answer to overcoming technical challenges and offered a unique solution to business strategy and market needs.

Introducing the competitors

Gloster-Lanoga won the case against Chinese and Indian providers. Chinese software companies are powerful in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and extensive data management.

However, while Indian and Chinese companies have many advantages, they face challenges, such as cultural and communication differences and time zone differences. Overcoming these challenges often adds complexity and cost to projects.

In this context, Gloster stands out from its competitors due to its high level of expertise, local market knowledge, and customer-centric approach.

What will the future of the project be?

In the technology industry, especially in software development, customer decisions are influenced by many factors. Trust is built over the years through consistent performance, commitment, and reliability. Gloster is known as a company that keeps its promises, delivers on time, and always strives to provide the best solution to meet customer needs. Customers know they can rely on Gloster for critical projects and that our partners share the same values and principles.

Another key factor is high professional standards. The Gloster-Lanoga team comprises professionals trained in the latest technologies and methodologies. Not only are we at home with technology solutions, but we also have in-depth business knowledge. In addition to the technical expertise, clients value the creativity and innovation we bring to projects.

In summary, clients choose Gloster-Lanoga because of the deep-rooted trust and high professional standards that combine to ensure that their projects are in the best hands.

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