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Medical Reviews International (MedRev) is a leading global provider of medical second opinions and claims management services. MedRev's mission is to help its clients improve quality of care, reduce claims costs, and reduce overuse of medical services and clinical needs assessments.

The company boasts one of the largest international networks of medical experts and allied health professionals working in various fields. MedRev's experts provide expert advice and recommendations based on international standards of care, evidence-based medicine, and specific standards of practice in global healthcare markets.

MedRev offers comprehensive clinical review services to help healthcare organizations cope with the increasing complexity of medical needs and rising claim volumes while facing rising cost and insurance premium pressures.

MedRev contributes to the fight against fraud, waste, and abuse of medical services and the reduction of unwarranted variation in healthcare services, thus promoting high-value care.

In addition, MedRev offers personalized medical review services that help clients reduce the cost of claims and properly evaluate disability and accident claims based on medical evidence and expert recommendations.

To date, Medical Reviews International (MedRev) has used a system hosted in the US, and this solution continues to serve them effectively. However, their European clients have clarified that medical data must remain within Europe, which is critical to compliance with data protection regulations, particularly the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This requirement posed a significant challenge for MedRev as their existing system needed to meet this criterion and thus required the development of a new portal hosted in Europe.

For MedRev, it was paramount that the new system not only complied with data protection regulations but also preserved or enhanced the functionality of the existing US system.

The challenge was creating a new infrastructure and integrating the new system into existing workflows and business models while ensuring data security and continuity of services.
The portal is backed by an encrypted Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) database that ensures the protection and integrity of sensitive medical data.

In this situation, MedRev turned to Gloster-P92 Ltd. for help developing a unique portal for them, hosted in Europe, that complies with European data protection regulations and supports the company's growing European client base. The new system must ensure high data security, flexible scalability, and ease of use to enable MedRev to remain a leading healthcare claims review service provider.

The solution developed for Medical Reviews International (MedRev) was a medical second opinion portal running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure. The AWS platform was chosen because it provides a flexible, scalable, and reliable solution that can handle the privacy and operational requirements of MedRev's European customers.

The portal is backed by an encrypted Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) database that ensures the protection and integrity of sensitive medical data. Separate encryption of the data stored in the database was a vital element of the project, as the secure handling of medical data and compliance with data protection regulations was a crucial requirement in the European market.

Thanks to AWS's cloud-based solution, MedRev created a secure portal compliant with data protection regulations and provided high availability and fast access to medical second opinions. The portal allows medical experts to work quickly and efficiently, increasing the quality of service and efficiency of patient care.

Throughout the project, Gloster-P92 also paid particular attention to the user experience (UX) to make the portal intuitive and easy for medical experts and clients. They consulted with the MedRev team throughout the development process to ensure the portal was perfectly tailored to their needs and workflows.As a result of the project, MedRev now has a platform that provides excellent service to US and European customers while remaining fully compliant with data protection regulations and ensuring business continuity.The distinctive feature of the Medical Reviews International (MedRev) project was not the spectacular innovations or technological feats but the thoughtful and responsible approach taken by the developers in assessing the status and quality of the existing code. The project did not seek to make immediate and radical changes but to thoroughly examine and evaluate the current system architecture and code to make informed decisions on improving it.

This approach has enabled them to create a robust, reliable, and scalable system that meets current and future business and technology challenges. The portal developed for MedRev uses AWS cloud infrastructure to manage data traffic flexibly, and the MSSQL database, encrypted in itself and its content, ensures data security and integrity.

Throughout the project, particular attention was paid to ensuring that the system is compliant with current GDPR and other data protection regulations and future ones. During the development, they worked closely with MedRev's internal team to seamlessly integrate the system with existing workflows and customer needs.

Overall, the project's uniqueness lay in the fact that, thanks to the in-depth knowledge of the existing system and a responsible development strategy,

the solution will serve MedRev's customers in the long term while maintaining a high level of data security and complying with strict European data protection regulations.

In Medical Reviews International's (MedRev) project, the client's decision to choose Gloster-P92 for development was primarily determined by prior familiarity and personal trust. Relationship building and credibility were critical elements for a successful collaboration. MedRev's team already knew the quality of the company's work and the values they stood for, which established mutual trust.

Personal relationships and building trust are the cornerstones of long-term cooperation with corporate clients. In MedRev's case, this trust was reflected in the developers' ability to understand and address their specific needs, particularly privacy and security. Throughout the project, they were consulted to ensure that our solution was fully aligned with their business objectives and in compliance with European data protection regulations.

This trust was important not just at the start of the project but at every stage of development, ensuring that the client could be confident that the project was being managed to the highest standards and in their best interests. This client relationship creates long-term value for both parties and provides a basis for future collaborations.

What will the future of the project be?

The portal developed for Medical Reviews International (MedRev) has been successfully launched and is live this year. The platform is growing dynamically as more and more customers migrate from their previous systems hosted in the US to the new solution hosted in European data centers. This process is about nurturing existing customer relationships and creating new opportunities for MedRev in the European market.

The project continues beyond a successful launch; Gloster-P92 colleagues are still working on the further development and support of the portal. Their development roadmap already includes the following 2-3 major version upgrades, which aim to make the portal even more responsive to customers' changing needs and take advantage of the latest technological innovations.

These upgrades include further refinements to the user interface, increased integration capabilities, and new features that will further MedRev's goals of reducing costs, improving quality of service, and reducing overuse of medical services. The roadmap will ensure that the portal continues to evolve and adapt to the rapidly changing healthcare market environment.

In addition to the long-term support and development plans, the partnership between MedRev and Gloster-P92 Ltd. will be further strengthened, which will not only facilitate technological development but also the achievement of strategic business goals. According to the client, the long-term partnership with Gloster indicates high trust and satisfaction, positively impacting future projects.

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