About the Client and the Problem we tackled

The OTP Bank Group is Hungary's largest commercial bank and regional player in Central and Eastern Europe. The bank has decades of history and has consolidated its position as one of the region's most reliable and innovative financial institutions.

The OTP Bank Group offers many services, including deposit and loan products, investment solutions, insurance services, and many other products to meet modern banking needs. OTP provides solutions for individuals and corporate clients, including small and medium enterprises and large corporations.

The bank is renowned for continuously improving its digital platforms and technology solutions to provide its customers with the most modern and convenient banking experience. The OTP Bank Group is committed to operating according to sustainability and social responsibility principles and actively contributing to developing the communities where it operates.

OTP Bank Group recognizes the importance of reaching out to and engaging younger generations for future growth and success. The bank sought to strengthen its position in the market by making its brand attractive to teenagers.

This move was significant as younger generations bring new challenges and opportunities to the financial sector through their natural access to and use of digital technologies. It was vital for OTP Bank Group to understand and meet this age group's specific needs and expectations.

The aim was to expand their customer base and broaden the age range for acquisition to the younger age group, 14-17-year-olds.
This approach provided an efficient and targeted solution and ensured the application was fully aligned with the OTP Bank Group's brand values and business objectives.

ff.next has launched an in-depth research and design process to respond to the OTP Bank Group's challenges. Ten different concepts were developed and validated through focus group interviews. They aimed to create a single, integrated application that would meet the needs of the target youth group.

As part of their consulting services, they helped OTP refine the application concept and identify technical challenges. The PoC (Proof of Concept) helped determine the project's viability, identify technical issues, propose a general direction, and adapt the application to the specific requirements and expectations of the OTP.

This approach provided an efficient and targeted solution and ensured the application was fully aligned with the OTP Bank Group's brand values and business objectives.

ff.next offered technology solutions for the OTP Bank Group and strategic consulting. In developing the banking strategy for young people, special attention was paid to understanding this age group's specific needs, values, and expectations. Based on this knowledge, a system was developed to help the bank effectively communicate and build relationships with younger customers.

In addition, our UX consulting services have helped OTP create an intuitive, user-friendly, and engaging digital experience. During the user experience (UX) design process, special attention was paid to the digital habits and preferences of the younger age group to ensure that the application met their expectations.The combination of these strategic and UX consulting services has enabled them to offer a holistic solution for the OTP Bank Group that adds value not only from a technological but also from a business perspective.

What will the future of the project be?

The OTP Bank Group chose ff.next Kft. based on several decisive factors:

  • Firstly, their previous design references and customer feedback have proven their ability to deliver high-quality and innovative design solutions that meet the highest industry standards.

  • Secondly, the existence of a relevant product showed that they had theoretical knowledge and practical experience in banking solutions for young people.

  • Third, their deep expertise in youth banking ensured that we understood this age group's specific needs and challenges. This expertise has enabled them to offer solutions that meet young people's expectations and lifestyles.

The combination of these critical factors has enabled them to gain the trust of the OTP Bank Group and build a successful partnership.

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