About the Client and the Problem we tackled

SekaSoft Ltd. is a Hungarian-owned software development company that develops and operates a business management system called flexPROF, specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises. The company aims to provide its customers with an integrated solution for efficiently managing business processes, especially for companies in the manufacturing sector.

In the past, SekaSoft had to deal with challenges caused by software developed and installed on local infrastructure, including frequent compatibility and networking issues. Conflicts were common when working with local administrators, especially when troubleshooting and implementing periodic system upgrades.

With the previous architecture of the system and the SPLA licensing solution, SekaSoft developed a monthly license model in addition to the perpetual licensing model. Still, this operating model is needed to offer customers the flexibility of a SaaS solution. System operation still needed to be centralized and required local administrators' involvement.

The system required a VPN connection for remote working and remote access, which is much more sensitive to internet bandwidth than the Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop currently in use.
The software migration process with Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

Knowing the challenges, we had to develop software based on a modern architecture that would not only replace but also outperform the old systems in terms of functionality and efficiency.

Gloster Cloud experts supported the SekaSoft team every step of the way during the cloud migration process. The system became more stable and reliable with the infrastructure running in Azure, which has automatic scaling and security capabilities.

In addition, thanks to the cloud solution, SekaSoft was able to offer its customers a monthly subscription model, which is also very popular with customers.

The software migration process went smoothly thanks to previous experiences in Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) technology and Gloster Cloud's Microsoft-audited competence in this area. In addition to the familiar and well-known ERP interface, SekaSoft customers have been provided with a modern and secure new environment that allows them to work more efficiently and flexibly from anywhere. The ability to work seamlessly remotely has increased staff productivity and satisfaction by making the system accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and a PC, similar to SaaS solutions that use cloud technology natively.

With Azure and Gloster Cloud, SekaSoft has successfully transformed its business model and gained a significant market advantage. The use of modern technologies has not only made internal workflows more efficient but also offered customers a more attractive and flexible solution.

SekaSoft has identified the growing importance of digitalization and cloud-based solutions in the business world. In line with the ever-increasing demand for subscription ERP systems, SEKA Soft's management decided to move in this direction strategically. They knew they could become unique in the Hungarian ERP market by recognizing and capitalizing on this trend.

A common goal and shared vision were vital in working with the Gloster Cloud team. Both companies were committed to the project's success and were ready to apply innovative solutions to overcome the challenges. Gloster Cloud's expertise and deep knowledge of Microsoft technologies ensured that the project delivered the best possible outcome.

The result was a product that met the customers' needs and set a new standard in the market. The subscription model allowed customers to manage their IT costs more flexibly and pay only for what they actually use. This approach permitted SekaSoft to confidently enter the Hungarian ERP market and gain a competitive advantage over other local players.

As a company, Gloster Cloud has always made customer focus and collaboration a priority. We understand that their success is our success, and this commitment has guided us throughout our cooperation. We focused on creating customer value from our first meeting to the entire project duration. We actively listened to them, understood their needs and challenges, and worked together to find the best solution. We were experts in the technologies used and deeply understand their business processes. This enabled us to develop a unique, tailored system architecture for SekaSoft that supported them on their digital transformation journey.

Our ability to respond immediately to customer needs and think with them sets us apart from other providers. The results speak for themselves: an innovative and forward-thinking ERP solution made possible thanks to the joint efforts of Gloster Cloud and SekaSoft.

What will the future of the project be?

The upgrade of SekaSoft's ERP system wasn't just a project for us, it was a new beginning. Even after the successful implementation of the system, we are still working to provide SekaSoft with the highest quality support. Through continuous fine-tuning and optimization, we ensure the system performs at its best and always serves the customer's current needs.

Our live support contract guarantees that SekaSoft will get help with any questions or problems you have quickly and efficiently. Our working relationship is solid and reliable. Our success is based on mutual respect and cooperation, and we are confident that this partnership will continue to be fruitful in the long term.

We will continue to be a trusted partner in all of SekaSoft's technology challenges and continue to grow together in the market. Our collaboration is technological and strategic, and we look forward to continued joint success and achievements.

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