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Setech Flotta is a leading fleet tracking system in Hungary and the European Union. The system provides online access to thousands of vehicles, which is constantly growing. Setech Flotta is not just a fleet tracking system; it is much more than that. The platform offers an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that quickly and efficiently shows a company's vehicle usage and costs.

Online tracking allows real-time fleet monitoring, providing critical information to company management on utilizing their activities.

But Setech Flotta continues beyond there: the system offers a range of reports and analytical tools to help coordinate and control vehicle movements. In addition, the platform allows companies to organize vehicle maintenance, ensuring that the fleet is always in top condition.

In today's fast-changing business environment, companies must constantly monitor and optimize their resources for efficiency and competitiveness. In this context, fleet management and monitoring are particularly challenging.

Before introducing Setech Fleotta's fleet tracking system, many companies needed help managing their fleet efficiently. Manual tracking methods are required to provide more transparency and accuracy, often leading to additional costs and unwanted downtime. In addition, it took time for companies to react quickly to changing business conditions and ensure optimal fleet utilization.

The growing number of vehicles, the need to control costs, coordinate vehicle movements, and organize maintenance are all areas where companies need practical solutions.
Particular attention was paid to the system's stability, flexibility, and user experience.

When the client purchased the HUGO software from another company, the aim was to provide a reliable and efficient online tracking and reporting system for vehicles. However, the annual audit revealed that the software could not handle vehicle traffic properly, which was a cause for serious concern.

Gloster - P92 Ltd. was responsible for the immediate repair of the faults. During the repair process, however, it became apparent that the system had fundamental flaws and the code was unmanageable. Based on the analysis carried out by the company, the consultants recommended that the old system be replaced by a new system that we developed.

This is how the HUGO project was born, offering a modern, reliable, and audit-proof solution. During its development, particular attention was paid to the system's stability, flexibility, and user experience. The new system is in the final stages of deployment and will soon fully replace the old one, ensuring efficient and reliable fleet monitoring.

The solution developed by Gloster-P92 has several advantages over the previous system, which make it stand out from the competition:

  • Better Coding: The new system code is more precise and orderly. This makes not only the development process more accessible but also the long-term maintenance and expansion of the system.
  • Greater Capacity: the new software can handle orders of magnitude more vehicles in real-time, allowing companies to have a scalable and flexible solution that can adapt to growing demands.

  • Compliance: the system is much more compliant with the rules and regulations set by the National Toll Payment Service Ltd, which ensures that companies fully comply with the legal requirements.

  • Better Support and Dashboard: The new system also has an intuitive dashboard that allows companies to monitor and manage the system quickly. Combining cleaner code and a user-friendly interface means that future bugs will be much easier to manage, even for people with less technical backgrounds.

The combination of these advantages makes the HUGO project an outstanding and competitive solution for fleet tracking.

When Gloster-P92 started developing the HUGO project, they did not only focus on correcting the previously identified errors. They had a bigger goal: to create reliable, transparent, easy-to-use software.

In addition to correcting bugs, the new system has been designed with a strong focus on user experience. The transparent interface makes it easy for customers to view and interpret data and access the information they need quickly and easily. In terms of usability, the system has been designed intuitively and logically, allowing even users with a less technical background to navigate and perform operations quickly.

Thanks to these unique features, the customer has bug-free, high-quality, user-friendly software that meets their needs and expectations.

Unfortunately, when Setech first approached Gloster-P92 Ltd about developing a toll management/registration application, they did not have the necessary know-how to take on the project. However, this first contact was an opportunity to demonstrate our expertise and professionalism, which left a positive impression on Setech.

This familiarity and positive experience led them to turn to Setech again for help when encountering problems with the old system. They knew that Gloster-P92 was a reliable partner who would deliver high-quality work.Their experience with the old system has given them better understand the customers' needs and challenges. This allowed them to offer a solution that met their expectations and improved on the shortcomings of the old system.

This combination of previous positive impressions and experience led Setech to choose to develop the new system.

What will the future of the project be?

After the successful delivery of the project, Gloster-P92 Ltd. does not leave the client alone. They provide ongoing support for the system, ensuring that the application runs smoothly and meets the client's expectations. In addition, they are ready to make further enhancements based on the client's specific needs, ensuring that the system is always up-to-date and in line with the latest technological trends.

Constant communication with customers allows them to respond quickly to any needs or challenges that may arise. Setech also says it has a long-term relationship with them, which is a testament to the customer's satisfaction and confidence in Gloster-P92.

This long-term partnership will benefit Setech and allow the group to continuously improve, learn from customer needs, and offer even better solutions for the future.

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